Great Lakes Winter Classic 2017

The 5th edition of the Great Lakes Winter Classic Bike Polo Tournament will take place at the Toronto International Bike Show, at the Better Living Centre, Toronto on March 3-5th 2017

Once again we will be organazing a squad format tournament. Teams of 5 players will be 25-30 minute games, with 3 players on court at any time.

Up to 14 teams will compete in two groups of 5, playing 4 games each over Friday evening, and Saturday. On Sunday, all teams will play a single elimination knockout format, to decide the Great Lakes Winter Classic 2015 champion!


Swiss round games will be 25 minutes, no clock stopping. 30 minutes are scheduled between games starting. Each team will play 4 games
Group A will play Friday evening and Saturday afternoon
Group B will play Saturday morning and afternoon

Elimination games will be 30 minutes, with no clock stopping. 40
The Final will be 45 minutes.
The bottom 3 teams from each group will play a Bottom 6 Single elimination in the morning
The top 8 teams will play a Top 8 Single Elim in the afternoon.

For games see


The schedule will be as follows:

Wednesday March 2nd

9am-5pm: Court Build

Thursday March 3rd

Welcome Drinks: TBC
Hockey: TBC

Friday March 4th

11am-12pm: Setup
12pm-5pm: Pickup
5pm-9pm: Group A Round Robin - 3 rounds (5:00, 6:20, 7:40)
Hockey: TBC
Drinks: TBC
Saturday March 5th

8:30am: Doors open
9am-2pm: Group B Round Robin - 5 rounds (9:00, 10:20, 11:40, 1:00, 2:20)
2pm-7pm: Group A Round Robin - 2 rounds, (3:40, 5:00)
Hockey: TBC
Drinks: TBC

Sunday March 6th

8:30am: Doors open
9am-5pm: Single Elimination
6pm-9pm: Breakdown
Hockey: TBC
Drinks: TBC
Monday March 7th

Brunch: TBC
Hockey: TBC


Registration TBC

Each team must register at least 3 of 5 players at this point to be accepted. Further players can be added later.

Teams will be asked if they can commit to play Friday evening, or Saturday morning, or both. The first five teams to register for each session will be accepted. Depending on demand, it may be easier to get a spot if you are willing to play in either session. Commitment to a session is final, it may not be possible to switch it later.

3 spots will be reserved for teams consisting of at least 3 Toronto players, and one spot will be reserved for a a team consisting of at least 3 Kitchener Waterloo players

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