GLWC registration

Registration will open on January 8th, 9pm ET/6pm PT, on Podium

The cost will be $25 per player, and includes free entry into the Bike Show all weekend. We are also looking at including a lunch in that cost.
Please also fill in this housing and other info form

Registration will work as follows:
All teams should register from January 8th, 9pm ET onwards.

Teams must register as 3 players. Teams can change later, but must not contain any TBCs for the registration to be approved.

10 spots are open, and available to any team, on a first-come-first-served basis.

10 spots will be reserved for specific clubs. These will be available to the first team that registers which consists of 2/3 players from that club. If no team meets those criteria within a week of registration opening, those spots will go back to the open pool, and the next available team will be confirmed.
These clubs/regions are:

  1. Toronto 3
  2. Toronto Rookies (new players in 2014) 1
  3. Ottawa 1
  4. Montreal 1
  5. Kitchener-Waterloo 1
  6. Vancouver 1
  7. New York 1
  8. Michigan 1

Registration uses Podium, so please log in, in advance, and make sure you have a Podium account, and your card details are valid. Only one player on the team needs an account, but the other two must have profiles on there. If they don't have profiles, or you aren't sure, please let John Hayes know, and he will check/create them.


Facebook event for the tournament