We went to the bike show

Thanks to Modrobes and YNOT for setting us up with a booth, and all the people who came by. And big shout out to the makers of the videos that we had playing, especially Mr Do.

It wasn't all kids like in the picture below, but the kids who came by loved it.

Images by kev w. and nick i.

opening day 2012

Last Sunday at Trinity.

FALL BALLIN 2011 (2v2 Throw-in)

Saturday, November 19 -- Sunday, November 20, 2011

All the details over at http://leagueofbikepolo.com/fall-ballin-2011-2v2-throw-in or on facebook

Hugo's video

Northside Regional Qualifier Photos

Hey guys, just wanted to share the photos that I took during the Northside Qualifiers, click "read more" for more!

Intro to bike polo

This Thursday July 14th at Dufferin Grove Park we're hosting an intro to bike polo evening, from 7:30pm onwards. All you need is to bring a bike, we'll have extra mallets on hand. Come early for the farmers market, and grab some good grub.

All welcome!

Bench Minor 2 in Chicago

A gorgeous court in the middle of Millenium Park? Check.
Surroundings of the some of the most beautiful cityscapes? Check.
Fifty four of the best polo players in the world? Check.

PAC designs

PAC Designs (www.pacdesigns.com) is the longest-running supporter of BPTO, kicking bags and other products down to us for lots of events. Back in the late eighties and early nineties when Pat was based in Toronto, PAC's bags set the standard for a lot of modern messenger bags.

Results from Northside Regional Qualifier

1-8 (Qualified for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships)
1st - Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Kev TO / Ngaihon TO / Hugo PAR)
2nd - Rusty Nutz (Adam / John / Piet ANN ARBOR)
3rd - Woadie and the Jets (Chris ATL /Eric ATL /Woadie PDX)
4th - Sure Bud (Ace NY / Maija TO / Charlie BUFF)
5th - Dragon Army (Medic/Henry/Leon SEA/VIC/SEA)
5th - Hand Job Well (Alexis OTT / Johnny Crash OTT / Chris NYC)
7th - The Different Different Strokes (Jb / Mark / Eryn WPG)
7th - Cowpunchers (Justin CAL / Chombo NYC / Treeface CAL)

9-12 (Qualified for the NAHBPC Wild Card Tournament)
9th - Blistering Barnacles (Lewis SYD / Greg PAR / Clement GE)
9th - NAFTA (Chandel / Marco / Baby Joey PHILLY)
9th - Blue Steel (Tiff LEX / Seabass SEA / Jill PGH)
9th - Smooth Criminals (Shane TO / Allan OTT / Coach OTT)

BPTO Brooks Team Pro

For the prize table, from Hoopdriver Bicycles, and the hipsters with lasers down the street.


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