Return to the Valley

BPTO showed up in force in the valley in early August, taking 4 out of the 6 top spots. Nick made this sweet video.

Return To The Valley from Modifide Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Fall Ballin' IV: Sept 21/22 2013

Photos from GLWC, Part 1

Thanks to James Waring for these dozen photos from the Great Lakes Winter Classic, March 3 2013 at the Better Living Center.

Great Lakes Winter Classic, Mar 2-3

See ya later buds

So Montreal Bike Polo has gone and stolen another player from BPTO, second one in a year.
(Montreal is now three expats strong if you count Johnny Crash from Ottawa)

Trevor, we miss you. Eliashevsky, we're going to miss ya.

Ladies Army 3-peat.

trevor wood
Trevor at Northside qualifier in Montreal, 2012.

More photos inside.

Pittsburgh came to visit

Nico, Megan and Jonathan from Pittsburgh came to visit. First time we ever had PGH folks here, even though it's only 5 hours away. Real nice fall day for pickup.

Rookie nights!

Thanks mostly to sara there's been a super solid rookie night situation every single wednesday at Dufferin Grove, all season. Here's a photo set from last Wednesday.

Fall Ballin' 3

We held an awesome tournament with 20 teams on Sept 22/23. More info on LOBP.


1st - Oh Shit (kev, Lewis, Ngaihon TO)
2nd - Despicable Three (Luke, Adam, Nick TO)
3rd - Mosquitos (Daren, Duane SKN, Eryn TO)
4th - Mitten People (Jon, Adam ARB, maija TO)
5th - 514 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
5th - Nominds (Eric, Steven, Chris TO)
7th - Mucho Gusto (Shane, Frank, Samuel TO)
7th - Call Me Maybe (Jake BOS, Ben, Birdie MAD, Alexis OTT)
9th - We're Fucked (Jesse, Johnny MTL, Shamus OTT)
9th - East German Swim Team (Dave, Fabian, Matthieu WPG)
9th - Hipposharktopuss (Paul MTL, Mitch, Emily TO)
9th - Future Primative (Coach, Dom, Pierre OTT)
13th - Riders of Brohan (Jim, Matt, Robb ARB)
13th - Savanage Swanzigs (patti, Aaron, Nick TO)
13th - I Don't Care Bears (Colin BTV, Kirsten, John TO)
13th - Pedalphiles (Brodie, Legend, Scru OTT)
17th - The Autumn Sweaters (Andria, Hollywood OTT, CAT TO)
17th - OoOoZEE (sara, Joel, Justin TO)
17th - Stick em up (Navid, Meg, Rebecca TO)
17th - Rooftop Girls (Kris, Neil, Tyzun KDUB)

More info on LOBP.

Acid Cat Reflex vs I Wanna Beard

- Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 -

On Tuesday night at Dufferin Grove, with the dead leaves and Tim Horton Iced Cappuccino cups finally being swept from our court after weeks of playing pickup through them… Bike Polo Toronto/BPTO’s season officially began!

No more whole morning and afternoons spent on the Facebook page arm twisting and name calling other members in an effort to rally a meek half-hour of 2-on-2; for BPTO League is upon us… and everyone everywhere is serious about polo once again!*

*(Unless it gets cold outside...)

This was the first fixture ever played in our city, and that is something to be pretty excited about. Many thanks to Kevin, Maija, Ngaihon, Shane, and Nick I. for sorting out teams, and especially Lewis for setting it all up!

‘Acid Cat Reflex’ (Maija, Swanson, Patty) and ‘I Wanna Beard’ (Nick I, Frank, John) played their first three games between pickups. The weather was brisk, but people still came out to watch, and this is how it all sort of went down…

The Chase

Pretty great shot Lewis took at Dufferin Grove a couple weeks ago.


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